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Ready to master the money-making SEO skills that REALLY matter?​​​​​​​


You KNOW SEO matters, but you're either in one of two camps:

1. You've never even bothered trying SEO even though everybody keeps telling you that you "should."

2. You've tried to learn SEO, read tons of articles, read all the "secret hacks," and maybe even tried using a pricey SEO tool hoping it'd make sense (it didn't, did it?).

In both of those camps, you haven't had much of what really matters: RESULTS.



Having a solid SEO strategy means having a consistent flow of traffic to your website every single day. What would that mean for you, your family, and your business?

Imagine being fully booked with new clients.

Imagine growing your online reputation, charging more for your work, and advancing your career.

Imagine spending less time on marketing and more time being creative.

A smart SEO strategy can get you there.

SEO isn't magic. It isn't sorcery. It's something I learned by accident while building businesses on the side while teaching full-time for over 10 years.

Flash-forward to today:

My name is Brendan Hufford and I've made over $100k from SEO (including 5-figure websites that run themselves) and I manage over $1 million in SEO clients. I've also taught thousands of people all over the world how to use SEO in their businesses and creative passions - no keywords or plugins required.

... and inside SEO for the Rest of Us, I'm going to teach you exactly how it's done.

This course gives you access to my absolute best step-by-step SEO strategies, tips and tricks, so you can know what you're implementing actually works and gets reults.

"If SEO confuses the hell out of you, you are going to love Brendan. He makes it so simple and doesn't go into all the crazy stupid details you don't need to know. He just helps you build a foundation."


This teacher-led course IS for you if:

  • You're a freelancer or creative entrepreneur.
  • You already have a website (even if you think you aren't good at tech-y things).
  • You want more leads and sales from your website.
  • You want a guide to walk you through every lesson and answer all of your questions LIVE.

This teacher-led course is NOT for you if:

  • You think SEO will fix/save your business.
  • You want instant access to every lesson and zero instruction or accountability.

​​​​​​​"If I was hiring an SEO person,
​​​​​​​I'd hire Brendan right now."


This course's process has worked for:

  • freelancers

  • photographers

  • bloggers

  • designers

  • ecommerce companies

  • SAAS marketers

  • and many other flavors of creative entrepreneurs

Brendan Hufford
Beast at SEO / Regular AF

If you’re looking for somebody to cut through the BS and finally explain SEO, I got you.

I’ve taught thousands of people how to use SEO in their business and creative passions by following the motto: Work hard, be nice to people, and try not to get too lost creating something that matters.

It turns out, that motto helps me live a great life. It’s also what makes me (and you, soon!) really damn good at SEO. It’s really the core of what you’ll find in this course.

SEO is a skill and a process. It can be learned by anybody. It is based on a few core principles that are always true, no matter the context. Every single creative and marketer that has success with SEO follows these core principles.


When you join us as a comrade in arms, you get access to the following:


Workshop One: Simplifying SEO
In our first LIVE lesson, I'm pulling out all the stops using everything I learned as a veteran educator to break down SEO so you can know what you're implementing actually works which means you can move forward quickly and confidently in your business.

Workshop Two: High-Gear Keywords
STOP WORRYING about keywords and plugins and find out how I do keyword and content research to create content that truly matters.

Workshop Three: SEO Writing Secrets
SEO is all about writing the RIGHT things, not writing a lot. I'll reveal exactly how I made $33,000 from a website with only 9 articles on it.

Workshop Four: Link-Building for Normal People
I'll give you the exact strategies I use to build links to my website and my clients' websites. Trust me, you're already good at this part. You just don't know it!


Bonus 1: Masterclass
My "Pillar Content Masterclass" will help you quickly create content that ranks which means you'll be able to start turning your website into a money making asset that works on autopilot​​​​​​​.

Bonus 2: Community
Individualized feedback on your goals and game plan so you can start getting free traffic from Google.

​​​​​​​Bonus 3: Office Hours
Get one one-on-one attention so you're able to get your challenges addressed quickly which means you can achieve your SEO goals faster.

Bonus 4: Expert Interviews
Audio interviews with the world's top SEO experts explaining what they could do if they were starting today.

Bonus 5: Content Idea Generator
My personal swipe file that I look to every time I'm not sure what to create next.

Bonus 6: Sidepreneur University
Go from zero to business idea in eight video lessons.

Bonus 7: Local SEO Masterclass
Everything I've learned ranking local websites from window cleaners, to yoga studios, to interior designers.

Get the surefire SEO Strategies now...


SEO For the Rest of US

Full Membership- $197

(one-time payment)

  • 4 LIVE classes (plus full recordings)
    • Simplifying SEO
    • High-Gear Keywords
    • SEO Writing Secrets
    • Link-Building for Normal People
  • Bonus: Pillar Content Masterclass
  • Bonus: Access to our private SEO community
  • Bonus: Office Hours
  • Bonus: Expert Interviews
  • Bonus: Content Idea Generator (100+ ideas!)
  • Bonus: Sidepreneur University

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​​​​​​​I'm building SEO success stories. Will you be one of them?


Please understand: If SEO for the Rest of Us doesn't show you exactly how to get more website traffic... if it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to get more clients... or if it fails to help you get more sales, then I will issue you a full refund, No Questions Asked! - Brendan